10 reasons to fall in Love with Lebanon

14 Dec 2018

Lebanon’s capital, Beirut is a city with unique character and amazing sights to see. Not many experience Beirut and leave thinking one visit was enough. The city’s magnetic energy will draw you in and leave you wanting more. The same applies to Lebanon and it’s various villages and sights, Here are 10 reasons you’ll fall in love with Our City Beirut and our Lebanon!

The vibe

Ever loved a city for nothing but its “vibe”? Beirut is definitely one of those places the charm of which you can’t put into words. Lebanon has a way of leaving a mark on your character and memory. Not many dislike Beirut and almost all want to come back for more of this cosmopolitan place.


The people

The Lebanese are a friendly people. If you open yourself up to it you’ll quickly make friends in the city. From a driver who’ll take you to all the good spots to an acquaintance who’ll insist you come over for lunch or coffee, Lebanon’s people are like no other.


The history

Byblos one of Lebanon’s biggest cities is the oldest city in the world. Lebanon is known for holding too much culture and history. Lebanon holds quite a lot of Touristic historical locations that will make you leave with a good baggage of knowledge and definitely some nice pictures for memory.


The food

Lebanese food is one of the world’s best cuisines. Take advantage of your visit to the city and make sure you eat the food it has to offer. Don’t be afraid of street food corners and small local cafes as they usually have the best food. If you haven’t tried shawarma and falafel sandwiches and Lebanese Mezze in Lebanon then you’ve surely wasted your time.


The streets

Walking in Beirut’s streets is one of the best tourist activities. You never know what you’ll find as you wander around the city’s streets. Places like Bliss Street in Hamra, Gemmayzeh and Downtown Beirut are just some of the places you should walk around and take in.



The architecture

Buildings around Lebanon range from Ottoman and French style buildings to restored Oriental structures in Downtown and modern high-rises by the sea. There’s never a dull sight in Lebanon as you marvel at every building’s unique architecture. Many will have been around for generations and carry the mark of eras long gone. You might even find an abandoned home to explore!


The nightlife

Beirut continues to be the regional party central. It’s littered with night clubs, bars and venues to while the night away with good food, drink and company. You never know who you might meet or what might happen. This city has a nightlife like no other as many flock to capture the spirit of a Lebanese night.


The energy

Hand in hand with Beirut’s “vibe” the city has an energy that cannot be put into words. The sheer amount of people, their diversity and sense of purpose will leave you wanting more. Lebanon is constantly buzzing with activity from the work rush on the highway to the relaxed atmosphere in Hamra, each corner has its own pace for you to experience.



Perhaps one of the most distinctive places in the city, Downtown Beirut is a must visit. Restored after the war this street captures the essence of Beirut. From oriental architecture, to luxury boutiques and restaurants, Downtown Beirut is an experience and not just a place. Take a stroll through Beirut Souks and see what it means to be glamorous in Lebanon.


Day trips

Beirut occupies a strategic position for tourists. Being on the middle of the country’s coast it offers access to almost all the country’s major towns easily. A two hour drive north will get you to Tripoli, the country’s second biggest city, south to Tyr and east to Bekaa Valley. If you don’t want to stay in the city you’ll find it’s the prefect gateway to the rest of Lebanon.

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