[About LFS]

Lebanese Forwarders Syndicate

The Lebanese Forwarders syndicate (LFS) was established in Lebanon by a decision issued by the Ministry of Labor on 10/4/1995 under No. 132/1 by a group of colleagues who thrived to work on making the freight forwarding business better. At the time of its launch it consisted of 16 companies and the first elected council of 6 members.

The syndicate currently includes 160 companies representing the largest international companies operating in the field of air, land and sea freight forwarders. The syndicate also includes a number of “shipping companies that have subsidiary companies working in the freight forwarding business alongside companies local and international transit companies all of whom are legally licensed from the “Ministry of Transport”

The Lebanese forwarders syndicate (LFS) is the representative of the International Federation of FIATA in Lebanon, which also includes the International Chamber of Commerce and IATA.

Since the establishment of LFS, the members of the Executive Council have sought to preserve the interests of the members of the syndicate and in addition to the constant endeavor to benefit members, protect their rights and pass laws to improve the profession, a few of the milestones of the LFS are:

1- The establishment of 60 offices to its members at the Rafic Hariri international airport to facilitate their work.

2- The establishment of warehouses in the Beirut’s port and a free zone for a number of its members.

3. The union has established a “Training center” that aims to train interested candidates in the freight forwarding and logistics business to improve their skills.

The syndicate has also held several local and international conference and meetings and is always thriving to stay up to date and benefit its members in the world of logistics.

Today, LFS is proud to host FIATA’s RAME 2019 in Beirut for the very first time and to gather from Middle East, Africa and the whole world experts who aim to make this a very beneficial experience to all the attendees.