Dr. Yarob Badr

[ Regional Advisor on Transport and Logistics Economic Development and Integration Division, EDID ESCWA, Beirut ]


Born in Damascus in 1959, Dr. Yarob Badr got his PhD in Transport science in 1991 from the French National School of Bridges and Roads (Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, ENPC-Paris).

After several years work in the academic and consultancy fields, Dr. Badr was appointed as Minister of Transport in Syria between 2006 and 2011. During his mandate, PPP operations were implemented in Tartous and Lattakia containers terminals, with the activation of PPP unit in the Syrian Ministry of Transport and the formulation of PPP long term strategy to attract private investments in all sectors of transport. Under his mandate also, the number of traffic fatalities in Syria dropped from 2818 in 2007 to 2118 in 2010 (27% in 3 years).

Dr. Badr joined ESCWA in September 2014 as Regional Advisor on Transport and Logistics. He is participating to ESCWA efforts for Economic and Social Development by providing technical and policy papers, expertise and training. He is coordinating ESCWA activities to formulate a regional strategic common vision for the development of future multimodal transport that bolster comprehensive, inclusive and sustainable development in the Arab region through the improvement of vital connectivity and regional integration between the Arab countries and the rest of the world.