Mr. Abdul Ghani Kabbara

[ P.M. Saad Hariri Advisor for Northern Affairs ]


In addition to his private business and membership in a number of boards of directors of major construction and communications companies in Lebanon and in Saudi Arabia, he is:

–       Advisor to the President of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Lebanon Mr. Saad Hariri.

–       Present Major involvement assigned by his Excellency the prime minister is the development and activation and supervision of the governmental capabilities of the north.

–        Founding member by law of the “Future Movement”.

–        Board Member of International Chamber of Commerce.

–        Board Member of Lebanese Turkish Council.

–        Founder and ex-president of the Economic association in the North Lebanon.

–        Ex vice Chairman for Rachid Karameh International Exhibition board.

–        Ex secretary of Lebanese Economic Forum.

–        Ex head of the Lebanese Bahraini council.

–        Ex president of the Lebanese Egyptian businessmen’s Association.

–        Ex member of Saudi Lebanese Federation of chambers of Commerce.