Mr. Issa S. Baluch

[ 2012 Senior Advanced Leadership Fellow at Harvard University - 2015/17 Chairman, FIATA Logistics Academy - 2016/20 Chair Professor, college of Maritime Science & Management, NTOU ]


Issa S. Baluch founded Swift Freight International in 1989, one of the top freight and logistics providers in the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, Asia, Africa and North America. He was President of the National Association of Freight Logistics of the UAE; and President of the Zurich based, International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA). Mr. Baluch has authored two books on transport logistics namely, Transport Logistics: Past, Present and Predictions (Published 2005), and Transport Logistics: The Wheel of Commerce (Published 2010) and a third book titled: Africa Risk Dashboard (Published 2017). He has been a Senior Fellow of the Advanced Leadership Initiative of Harvard University and currently serves on the Dean’s Council at Harvard Kennedy School and acts a visiting Chair Professor of other Universities focusing on multimodal transport. He is Chairman of First Hectares Capital, AKILI, and the FIATA Logistics Academy.

A former practitioner with following credentials:

  • Is credited with pioneering the sea/air combined transport via Dubai from 70’s
  • Initiated air/air transfers using direct and consolidation from Far East , Indian Subcontinent  to Europe , North America and Africa via Dubai at Dubai International Airport from the 80’s
  •  Commenced the first bonded  CFS (Container Freight Station) for  maritime  consolidation  / deconsolidation for destinations locally, regionally and internationally in Port Rashid  from the 80’s