Mr. Nadim Munla

[ Senior Advisor to Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Syrian Refugees Affairs. ]


Professional experience :

2017 to day: Special Advisor to the Prime Minister of Lebanon (Mr. Saad

Hariri) on Refugees Affairs

2005-2016: Advisor to Mr. Saad Hariri.

1996-2007: Chairman and General Manager of Future TV.

1996-1997: Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister Rafic Hariri.

1994-1999: Vice Chairman – Beirut Stock Exchange.

1992-1996: Economic Advisor to the Minister of State for Financial Affairs.

1991-1992: Senior Manager – Group Med.

1989-1991: Economist – International Monetary Fund Institute.

1985-1989: Manager – Group Med.

1980-1985: Professor of Economics – American University of Beirut.


Education :

1980: Ph.D. Economics – University of Southern California, L.A.