Ms. Nadine Hajjar

[ Advisor to Fransabank Group Chairman ]


Nadine Hajjar is a Lebanese Canadian national with an International Business Degree earned with First Class Standing from the University of Alberta in Canada and a Masters in Finance from Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Montpellier in France.

Following international work experience that ranged from retail in Canada at Eaton’s, to banking in Paris at Banque Hervet’s International Affairs Division, Nadine Hajjar was appointed assistant then Advisor to Adnan Kassar, the first Arab Chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce, headquartered in France, in 1999.  In charge of all Chairmanship and Executive Board related issues, Nadine Hajjar undertook monthly international travels attending conferences and events and in the drafting of ICC statements and positions as well as promoting the work of the World Business Organization for its Chairman whose Chairmanship was then considered the most successful of the ICC Chairmanships forging closer ties between the ICC with the G8, the UN through the launch of the Global Compact, the World Bank, Junior Chamber International, amongst other international organizations and launching new ICC National Committees in over 14 countries including Russia, China and Cuba.

The international exposure drove Nadine Hajjar to undertake international trade and investment projects including the promotion of Fransabank Group interests in various markets as Advisor to Fransabank Group Chairman Adnan Kassar.  In Lebanon, Nadine Hajjar undertook various critical and innovative projects ranging from the launch of Fransabank’s electronic banking channels, to international relations and the launch of the China Desk established to build on the bank’s shareholders’ historic and strategic ties with China to serve where Fransabank operates as well as the group’s clients dealing with China and Chinese companies in the various Fransabank markets of operations.

Nadine Hajjar was behind several key publications launched by the bank to promote Investments in Lebanon as well as the Public Private Partnership Advisory and the cooperation with various Lebanese ministries and public entities.

Nadine Hajjar has also been in charge of the private jet operations for the Kassar Group from 2000 and which covers all its elements from the various aircraft purchase agreements, and contracts with all related parties as well as various aspects of the aircraft operations, insurance, maintenance, flight schedules, and crew recruitment and management.