Mr. Amer Kaissi

[ President of General Transportation services -GTS & president of Lebanese forwarders syndicate – LFS ]


With more than 30 years of executive management experience in sea freight, airfreight, overland transport and operations, Amer Kaissi is currently the president of General Transportation Services, a prominent Lebanese company that was established in 1963.

After graduating with an MBA from the American University of Beirut with concentration on the transport sector in Lebanon, Amer worked his way up the ladder by first working in sales, pricing, billing, collection and after sales services, after which he was promoted to president of the company.

A holder of a unique range of skills and experience in delivering best practices in management and leadership. His extensive practice compiled deep knowledge in the industry specifically in inbound and outbound transportation, fleet management, warehousing, material handling, order fulfillment, inventory management, packing and removals.


In his second term as the president of the Lebanese Forwards syndicate and as an active member on the board of the syndicate of international transit and transport, Amer is keen on strengthening the role of the syndicate, enhancing the status of its members and promoting the transportation sector as a contributor to the Lebanese economy. His work strategy in the different posts he holds is to further advance the industry, alleviate its standards and deepen strategic partnerships.  Capacity building, fostering innovation, promoting integrity and business ethics, seeking opportunities, building alliances and facilitating dialogue are amongst the many core values he is advocating. He is also dedicated to creating more synergies among different stakeholders and promoting good practices.


His extensive experience in the field helped develop a thorough understanding of the Lebanese market, the processes and the needs of the local partners. This led to him being invited to many different occasions by several official entities to consult and speak on issues pertaining to the challenges and opportunities in the industry.