Things to do in Lebanon

Things to do in Lebanon Lebanon


Balouu Balaa Waterfall - Tannourine

During summer the water’s flow isn’t that strong, but it’s well worth the visit. There is a designated place you can park and walk straight down to the cave. It’s a majestic natural scenery!


Our Lady of Lebanon - Harissa

Overlooking the city of Jounieh, the Our Lady of Lebanon statue is one of the most visited touristic sites in Lebanon. Thousands of people from all backgrounds and different religions make the trip to Harissa every year!


Raouchè Sea Rock – Raouchè

Again, another one of Lebanon’s most popular natural landmarks, the Raouchè Sea Rock can be viewed from atop or you can head down to the water and have a water taxi take you for a spin through the rocks.


Cedars of Lebanon – Arz

Lebanon is predominately known for its cedar trees, hence why it occupies the national flag. During summer the Arz region is filled with tourists purchasing souvenirs, relaxing in their villas and visiting some of the most delicious restaurants.


Jeita Grotto – Jeita

So close to making it into the Wonders of the World list a couple years back, Jeita Grotto is a breathtaking cave covered in limestone that have formed over thousands of years. You can travel through the natural river and sneak a couple illegal photos.


Saydit El Nourieh (Our lady of Nourieh) – Batroun

Overlooking Chekka, the Our Lady of Nourieh monastery has an amazing history behind it. Head up the hill and check out the views of Chekka and Tripoli.


Jbeil – Byblos

The oldest city in the world, Byblos hosts ancient buildings and artifacts dating back thousands of years. The city also has an amazing old Souk dominating with lively restaurants, pubs, and clubs that’ll keep you entertained for hours. You can also take mini boat ride as well as enjoy delicious Lebanese mezze with Sea food!


Downtown Beirut – Beirut

Where culture meets trend. Downtown Beirut hosts everything from store front to store front of luxurious retailer designer brands to some of the most prestigious hotels, restaurants and bars. It is the shopping destination!


Bekaa Valley & a winery tour

Similar to Nahr Ibrahim, Beqaa Valley is a whole region that could take you a day or two to scout efficiently. The entire area has secret, yet amazing, locations embedded that’ll have you staying longer than originally planned. Famous for its vineyards and amazing wine, the Bekaa is a must if you’re interested in taking the family or a group of friends out to a memorable lunch.


Sidon Sea Castle – Sidon

One of the most prominent archaeological sites in the port city of Sidon, stands the Sidon Castle built around 4000 BC.


Tyre – Lebanon

Tyre is Lebanon’s fourth largest city and is referred to as “Queen of the Seas.”

Behind the city’s port, narrow streets are lined with houses painted violet purple and periwinkle blue. Tyre’s shore is the largest in Lebanon and is perfect for a swim and tanning on the sand!


Tripoli & rabbit Palms Island

Tripoli is Lebanon’s second-largest city and is rich in diversity and is a beautiful city to explore. There are always new places to visit and new things to do and a sense of community in the city. You can also take a 20 minutes boat ride from the port of Tripoli to Lebanon’s Rabbit Palm’s island and spend the day on the island or come back whenever you want by boat!